Building the Foundation for North American Leadership in 6G and Beyond

What is the Next G Alliance?

The Next G Alliance is an initiative to advance North American wireless technology leadership over the next decade through private-sector-led efforts. With a strong emphasis on technology commercialization, the work will encompass the full lifecycle of research and development, manufacturing, standardization and market readiness.

Next G Alliance Explores 6G Applications and Use Cases

The Next G Alliance Report: 6G Applications and Use Cases examines the drivers of future applications that have the potential to shape development of next generation mobile communication technologies.

Four categories of use cases are presented in the report: Network-Enabled Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Multi-Sensory Extended Reality, Distributed Sensing and Communications and Personalized User Experiences. Requirements and characteristics of use cases for these categories are included.

Next G Alliance Releases Roadmap to 6G

Developed by ATIS’ Next G Alliance, the Roadmap to 6G presents a 6G vision for North America. Watch the  Roadmap launch event for insights from key experts on the region’s wireless future. Speakers include the Next G Alliance leadership, developers of the Roadmap to 6G.

How can I participate?

Membership in the Next G Alliance is open to both ATIS members and non-members. Members shall support the mission and goals of the Next G Alliance. 

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Working Groups

Next G Alliance Working Groups are developing the National Roadmap for 6G and Beyond and addressing all key and strategic areas essential to development of future generations of wireless technology.


Green G

National 6G Roadmap

Societal and Economic Needs



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