Next G Working Group Participation Form

The National 6G Roadmap will establish a vision for achieving North American leadership in the eventual commercialization of 6G. It will identify what is needed to drive North American leadership in a robust 6G global market, the steps to accomplishing this and their evolutionary path, as well as key milestones and their projected time frame. The work is driven by Next G Alliance Steering Group priorities.
The mission of the Green G Working Group is to position North America as the global leader in environmental sustainability in future generations of wireless technology or “Green G.” The work addresses reducing Next G technologies’ energy consumption and environmental impact. It involves assessing environmental impacts, such as water and materials consumption; exploring the use of renewable and/or ambient energy; and investigating how the ICT industry can help other related industries reduce their environmental footprint. The goal is to build an environmentally friendly focus into Next G standards and technologies — as well as the communications industry globally
The Applications Working Group is identifying the leading vertical applications that will leverage network infrastructure in the Next G environment. The work is designed to ensure that their 6G-related application needs align with the vision set forth by the Next G Alliance. 
This group is identifying and characterizing relevant social and economic drivers (e.g. societal demands, market needs, operational necessities and strategic imperatives) to recommend how they should influence North American 6G R&D and deployment priorities.
With the build-out of 5G, spectrum use and demand is already increasing and will grow even more with 6G. The Spectrum Group is working to better understand and influence spectrum access, management, policy recommendations, standards, and long- term needs in this area. The work will identify potential spectrum in North America and worldwide and address opportunities related to shared spectrum alternatives.
The Technology Working Group will address the key technologies comprising the National 6G Roadmap’s technology layer. These include new air interfaces, network architectures, spectrum access, x-haul, trust/privacy/security platforms, 6G Mobile-Network-Cloud fabric and sensing technologies. Coordinating with the Next G Alliance Policy Committee, the Technology Working Group will engage with government agencies to initiate or expand upon development of critical Next G technologies; approach common stakeholder groups on how to fund them; and identify critical areas not yet addressed in promoting North American Next G leadership.