Next G Working Group Participation Form

Description: The 6G Roadmap Working group is a group in charge of developing and maintaining a vision for 6G, a North American 6G roadmap and a timeframe for 6G based on the priorities recommended from the Steering Group. The 6G roadmap will identify the evolution path, key milestones and vision that will drive North American leadership and establish a robust 6G global market.
Description: The Green G Working group mission is: Position North America as the global leader for Green G; Drive the reduction of energy consumption and environmental impact of Next G; Assess a broad range of sources of environmental impact, such as water and materials consumption, use of renewable and/or ambient energy, etc.; Investigate how ICT industry can enable other industries reduce their environmental footprint; Influence standards and the communication industry globally to be in line with environmentally friendly policies.

Future Working Groups Under Consideration - Please indicate your interest if these groups are formally launched in the future.

Description: The working group will identify leading application drivers and developments and the future application environment that will contribute to the Next G vision. The Applications WG will coordinate with workstreams from other WGs related to the technology roadmap and market-driven developments including leading application verticals.
Description: The working group will address Social and Economic factors that are fundamental to user and industry needs, and can be addressed by 6G. The working group can pose relevant questions for the following factors: Political, Economic, Social and Technologic (PEST), which are widely used framework to discover drivers of change and progress.
Description: The working group will identify potential spectrum in North America and worldwide and consider new opportunities related to shared spectrum alternatives. This group will coordinate closely with the Technology WG on areas such as spectrum needs and with the Policy Group to provide guidance on necessary regional regulatory updates.
Description: The working group will address the key technological needs and developments that contribute to the technology layer of the National 6G Roadmap. This includes new air interfaces, network architectures, spectrum access, x-haul, trust/privacy/security platforms, 6G Mobile-Network-Cloud fabric and sensing technologies. This WG will also coordinate with the Policy Group to engage with government agencies to initiate and expand opportunities; facilitate common interest groups to coalesce on funding proposals; and report to the steering group and identify gaps.