North American 6G Research Lab Survey

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The Next G Alliance is interested in understanding the landscape of North American labs that are involved in research towards 6G and beyond. Research on any aspects of 6G is of interest: core, RAN, applications, sustainability, usability, etc., including both hardware and software. Research explicitly in the Next G Alliance’s Research Priorities is particularly solicited, but feel free to go beyond these priorities. Input to this survey is voluntary, but it will help the Next G Alliance and its members to understand the variety of research underway, identify potential collaboration opportunities, and include your laboratory and work in our directory.

ATIS NGA is collecting information from research labs in North America to assess North American 6G research needs. This information would be shared with ATIS staff, members of the NGA, participating academic institutions, and relevant US Governmental Agencies, and may also be shared publicly. By submitting this information to the ATIS NGA, you are hereby consenting to such use of the information. If you are located in the United Kingdom or in the European Economic Area, please note that the personal data you provide to us when completing this survey will be processed by us in accordance with ATIS’ Privacy Policy ( Questions about the collection and use of the data may be directed to