Distributed Sensing and Communications

The Distributed Sensing and Communications (DSAC) application class relies upon sensors to be tightly integrated with communications to support many systems, including autonomous ones. The aspirational goals are to establish ubiquitous connectivity facilitated by emerging network services that enable massive, creative, and value-driven sensor and data collection opportunities.

This application class has use cases in nearly all markets, including health care, public safety, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. It encompasses the use of implantable sensors, fully remote sensors, and even wideband imaging and data collection systems. These future capabilities require robust service performance, especially massive throughput, low latency, and ultra-low power operating modes provided by the ecosystem of device manufacturers and network providers.

Next-generation technologies such as 6G promise significant improvements in speed, capacity, and robustness, and in the context of distributed sensing and communications, require orchestration of sensor communication and sensor data analytics to optimize and respond to network conditions. Establishing policies, ensuring security, and implementing and improving AI models will play a role in sensing-assisted communications and communications-assisted sensing.

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