6G Technology Management and Orchestration

6G systems are expected to address a wider range of use cases and markets than their predecessors. This flexibility and capability come at the cost of increasing the number of features, greater programmability, and more dynamic configurability. Accordingly, the concepts of Management and Orchestration (M&O) must expand to ensure that the system operates efficiently and reliably, while at the same time meeting the performance and regulatory requirements of a varied and dynamic environment.

This report identifies nine areas that are key to ensuring that 6G M&O will meet the challenges of managing 6G systems in all its flavors. The report explores the issues and challenges in each of these areas. The areas are:

  • Intelligent and Autonomous System Framework
  • AI/ML Operations and Enablement
  • System Robustness and Resilience
  • Knowledge and Semantics Management
  • Data Management
  • Cloud M&O
  • 6G System Digital Twin
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Security and Privacy

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