North American 6G Roadmap Priorities

The development of 6G provides a unique opportunity to address critical North American societal and economic
challenges. It was determined recently that there are five significant outcomes that can be impacted by 6G [1]:

  • Digital Equity
  • Trust
  • Sustainability
  • Economic Growth
  • Quality of Life

Significant progress has now been made on elucidating the 6G system details.

This document, consequently, conveys North American views and priorities for the first phase of the 6G system
standardization and development. The first phase of development is expected to be defined by a proposed set of use cases, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and requirements shaped by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) IMT-2030 usage scenarios and minimum performance requirements. North American needs will influence this process, with NGA playing a significant role. The NextG Alliance has identified multiple use case categories, each with a wide range of applications for 6G to address. The list and definitions of use cases and applications come from an extensive study and will continue to be updated as work progresses toward 6G deployments. This document is intended to provide guidance to industry, academic, and government stakeholders as they prepare for and execute 6G standardization.

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